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Grow Your Business with Search Engine Advertising


Oak Barrel Advertising helps you get more customers using paid advertising on Google, YouTube, Microsoft, & LinkedIn.

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We were honored to be invited to a special event at Google HQ for high Google Advertising performers.

What We Do

We want to be the best. That is how we get you the best results for your business. This means we only do one thing—paid advertising.



Leverage the power of the world's largest search engine and reach your target audience effectively with custom Google Ads campaigns, encompassing search, local services, and display advertising.



Target decision-makers and industry professionals through strategic LinkedIn Ads campaigns. Experience the effectiveness of the world's largest professional network on generating leads and building meaningful B2B connections.



Amplify your brand message and reach a global audience through engaging YouTube ad campaigns. Utilize the world's second largest search engine to connect with viewers actively seeking video content.

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Not Sure?

We offer a data-driven approach to determine the optimal strategy for your business. Whether it's crafting a customized advertising plan or exploring alternative solutions, we'll guide you towards achieving your marketing goals.



Expand your reach with Microsoft Ads, which can appear on sites such as Bing, AOL, Yahoo, and more. Capitalize on this growing user base and potentially lower competition compared to other platforms.

How We Do It


Schedule A Call

Speak with us to learn about our guarantee, our flat rate, and get a proposal so we can start making you money today.



At the end of this phase, you will have your strategy implemented, your customized campaigns live, and results coming in.



At the end of this phase, you will have a clear understanding of how exactly we will get you at least 250% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).



At the end of this phase, you will have campaigns optimized and your guaranteed result (250% ROAS), with further optimizations ongoing.

Why Work With Us


With many years and multiple tens of millions of dollars of ads served, rest assured your advertising budget is in good hands.

Results Guaranteed

We guarantee 250% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) in the first 90 days, or we will work the next 90 days for free. Typically, we see ROAS of 600%+.

No Nonsense

We will never waste your time with jargon or vanity metrics. We are entrepreneurs who speak entrepreneur. Just facts in plain language.

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"There are so many managers in this space that it's hard to find out who you should be working with. David reached out to me and provided value and took a consultative approach and didn't try too hard sell me. I decided to work with him and he really knows his stuff! He is such a friendly and personable person to work with and he really helps explain what it is that he does and doesn't lose people in technical jargon. I would definitely recommend and use him again. David is awesome!"

Al Taylor


Market Prodigy Real Estate

Our Team

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David Quilici

David is regarded as one of the best media buyers in the country. He is also a Seminarian and a great leader of people.  He has generated many millions of dollars of results for his clients.


"Your products and services are great, but you need customers to find you. That's where I put pay-per-click expertise to use (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads) to drive potential customers to your website—creating high-yielding landing pages that convert visitors into leads. Then, develop unique retargeting strategies to capture those visitors that haven't converted yet."

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Nicholas Pino

An independent thinker with exceptional reasoning & creative insights, Nicholas is a skilled pay-per-click specialist who manages over $6,000,000 in Google Ad spend per year. He brings more than seven years of experience in using social media platforms and content creation websites to gather targeted, relevant traffic.

Nicholas has overseen and optimized campaigns for better click-through rates (CTR), conversions, ROAS, and overall ROI. His clients have seen an average of over 600% ROAS. 

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Joshua Harmening

An expert in the areas of marketing strategy, managing teams, and meeting goals (his teammates jokingly say his middle name is "KPI"), Joshua has worked as a marketer internally at various companies, in agencies, and ran his own agency for the past 12 years.


A Washington native, Joshua lives on the banks of the mighty Columbia River with his wife and four children. He is committed to person-centered excellence, humble faith, and selfless service.

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Zachary Baltes

Zachary oversees over $20,000,000 in ad spend per year. He is additionally equipped with extensive knowledge of investment products, regulations, and client suitability to deliver sound financial guidance - an incredibly rare combination that our clients have the opportunity to leverage.

As are all of our media buyers, Zachary is Google Ads and Microsoft Ads Certified, with a profound affinity towards Google Ads keyword optimization.

Get Started

We have honed our onboarding process to be as frictionless as possible for you and your team—no endless meetings, no salespeople. When you book a call, you will always speak with one of the four of us. 

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