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Get 250% Return On Ad Spend
in 90 Days Guaranteed... 

...Or the next 90 days are on us.



Increased Revenue By 34,237%

Client Invested


In Monthly Ad Spend

Client Received


Return On Ad Spend

In One Month.
Let Us Do The Same For You.
Oak Barrels

"David's experience with Google Ad services has maximized their ROI, increased their website traffic, and enhanced their lead conversions. Multi-faceted Google campaigns are becoming more complicated by the day and David does an amazing job adapting to this ever-changing landscape with great results and excellent customer service."

Ryan Anderson, CA
The Marketing House

From my time working with Zach, I can tell you that his attention to detail with Google advertising is unmatched. He carefully evaluated every metric to make sure we were getting the maximum ROI from our ad spend. If he ever noticed a concerning trend developing with our conversions, cost per lead, etc. he would always spend time educating us on his findings, and give his thoughtful recommendations on what actions we should take. As someone who is not a PPC expert, it helped to work with an expert like Zach who we could trust to help us make the absolute best decisions for our brand.​


Katelyn Zook
Goodall Pools & Spas

"There are so many managers in this space that it's hard to find out who you should be working with. David reached out to me and provided value and took a consultative approach and didn't try too hard sell me. I decided to work with him and he really knows his stuff! He is such a friendly and personable person to work with and he really helps explain what it is that he does and doesn't lose people in technical jargon. I would definitely recommend and use him again. David is awesome!"

Al Taylor, SC 

Oak Barrels

Timeless Principles.
Perpetual Results.

Who We Are

"A New Company Obsessed With Old Ideas"

We are a new company obsessed with old ideas. Our approach is, "A good idea is better than a new idea".  Think of us like financial planners. We take your investment and manage its growth—but instead of stocks, bonds, etc., we leverage advertising. 

"Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty." 

We have been through the trends. We have seen the shiny objects.  We have chased them.  We have slogged through the valley of failure and despair. But, through that, we have come to the place of achieving repeatable results. Our culture is one of not caring what anyone has done once—or even 10 times. Have you achieved the desired outcome 100+ times? Now we can talk.

We also have experience in almost all realms of digital marketing. But, we only offer one. Google Ads. Why? Because Google Ads is the most efficient way to match a person with what they need. And, in terms of advertising, who has had not just good ideas, but the best ideas that have had the most impact over and over and over?  The answer: Advertising giants long dead who wrote books your average media buyer will never read (because they don't know they exist). This is our secret formula: read books no one else bothers with, take their best ideas and implement them. Hence our old-school aesthetic.
We seek to create measurable results that are repeatable, consistent, and predictable. We have a feeling you have enough volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in your life. What if your media buying wasn't part of the madness?
What if your media buying engendered stability, certainty, simplicity, and clarity?
Wouldn't it be nice to have something you could count on?

In the coming years, the battle between innovation and regulation will, we feel, result in an even higher need for competent advertising professionals who have mastered the foundational principles of the craft—not merely the platform du jour. Of course, we keep up with trends and innovation. We watch. We learn. We implement as is prudent. We do not chase.

Our team is lean.  We have 3 media buyers, David Quilici, Zachary Baltes, and Nicholas Pino, who have operated as solopreneurs, within large agencies, in-house—you name it. But we are now working with our best setup yet.
Strong yet flexible. Agile yet reliable. Timeless yet perpetual.
Our team has generated Billions of dollars of real-world results.

One of our favorite quotes is, "The business of making money if done right, is a boring one." We strive for this. If our approach seems like a good fit for you and your organization, we would be honored to meet with you to discuss the growth of your business.

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